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Coast-inland dynamics in prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies


The Domestication of “Hindu” Asceticism and the Religious Making of South and Southeast Asia

Texts Surrounding Texts

Satellite Stanzas, Prefaces and Colophons in South-Indian Manuscripts (collections of the Paris BnF and Hamburg Stabi)

Sofer Mahir

Automatic Transcription of Manuscripts for an Open Source Library of Ancient Rabbinic Compositions


The cooled urban space – L’espace urbain climatisé


Cooking Recipes of the Middle Ages: Corpus, Analysis, Visualisation


South Asia shared sacred sites: Religious interactions and relations with the other

Celtic gold

Fine metal work in the Western La Tène culture

Women & the F-Word

Exploring women's resistance to feminism in the English-speaking world, 19th to 21st centuries

Cities of Readers

Religious literacies in the long Fifteenth Century (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)


Saadian Intellectual and Cultural LifE


The Research Group for Baroque Ceiling Painting in Central Europe


Muhammad au miroir de sa communauté dans l’islam moderne et contemporain


Studies in Tamil studio archives and society (1880-1980)


HIstorical MANuscript Indexing for user-controlled Search

Weltweites Zellwerk

Umbrüche in der kulturellen Bedeutung frühmittelalterlichen Edelsteinschmucks


Expérience du divin et polysensorialité dans les mondes anciens. Approche interdisciplinaire et comparée


Religious memories and heritage practices in the Mediterranean. Confessional coexistence and heritage assertion

Music migrations

Music migrations in the early modern age: the meeting of the European East, West and South (MusMig)

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