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Statistics are just one face of reality


Scribal Performance and the Standardization of Cuneiform in 1st Millennium Mesopotamia


Thoughts on an “Ontology for the Transmission and Re-Use of Argumentative Patterns” in Christian-Muslim Religious Encounters

Socialis memoriae

Proposing to approach social memory from a sociodynamic perspective of memory

Meow Factor

Cats in Digital Spaces | Linguistics Research Blog

Dünden Bügüne

Critical Heritage and the Politics of the Past in Contemporary Turkey


Canonicity, Obscenity, and the Making of Modern Chaucer

Cultures of Hygiene

Practices of bodily hygiene and smell during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany and Turkey


The city represented by new communication technologies


Functional Dependence and Domestic Technologies of Care in Imperial Rome (I-III centuries AD)

Geographies of Time

Cultural history of time, modern Europe, and global interconnectedness


Social Science, Crowdsourcing and Stratification

Silviu Miloiu

A blog devoted to history, Baltic and Nordic Studies, international relations and cultural heritage


Research and Observatory on Enforced Disappearance

Notes on research

Crisis and catastrophes in early modern Europe, and other subjects, by Stefano Condorelli