Catalogue des carnets de recherche

22 carnets de recherche sélectionnés

Bona Politia

Early modern goverance, institutions and norms (legislations)

Nationalism Working Group

The Notebook of the Interdisciplinary Nationalism Working Group at the European University Institute


Eastern/Western European Prosecution of Nazi War Crimes in the East, from a local to a transnational perspective

Women & the F-Word

Exploring women's resistance to feminism in the English-speaking world, 19th to 21st centuries


A century of pioneering case-law. A digital database of Belgian precedents of international justice, 1914-2014

The London Moment

A history of governments-in-exile and how London became the Capital of Free Europe, 1940-1945

A World of Debts

The Global Politics of Public Debts From the Late 18th Century


Middle East and Mediterranean Studies

Genre et Guerre

Recherche et actualités scientifiques autour du Genre et de la Guerre

Court Medicine

Healthcare Personnel and Sanitary Politics in Europe, 15c-18c