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Networks, Employment, dEbt, Mobility and Skills in India Survey


The cooled urban space – L’espace urbain climatisé


Literary creation and the biological sciences in the nineteenth century

Nationalism Working Group

The Notebook of the Interdisciplinary Nationalism Working Group at the European University Institute


Trade between Nations from c.1800 to 1938


The Tibetan Army of the Dalai Lamas, 1642-1959


A century of pioneering case-law. A digital database of Belgian precedents of international justice, 1914-2014

Only Joking

Getting into the mind of the nineteenth century caricaturist

Camera Memoria

Carnet de recherche du séminaire Camera Memoria | Companion blog to the research seminar Camera Memoria

The London Moment

A history of governments-in-exile and how London became the Capital of Free Europe, 1940-1945