Alerts via syndication (RSS feeds)

Syndication feeds enable users to stay informed of new publications on the OpenEdition platforms. OpenEdition offers more than 600 syndication feeds: by journal issue, book, event category on Calenda, etc. These are available for syndication via any feed aggregator. You can also display them on your websites.

It also possible to obtain a full set of syndication feeds for the OpenEdition Journals and platforms by downloading an OPML file.

Email notification service (service currently unavailable)

OpenEdition offers a notification service enabling you to automatically receive alerts based on keywords of your choice by email. The service notifies you each time a chosen expression appears on the OpenEdition platforms. The service is highly customisable. It is possible to use filters or to refine your search to specific fields. Notifications are limited to three per user. Subscribers to OpenEdition Freemium have unlimited access.

Aside from the notification system, which is based on a search by keywords, we also offer a tool that enables users to receive all of a journal’s new articles by email, along with all the latest notices on Calenda relating to your chosen category, as well as any new relevant articles from research blogs. Subscription to this type of alert is unlimited.