A single search engine

The OpenEdition search engine retrieves content from the four OpenEdition platforms as well as the shared data held in common with the Cairn et Persée portals. The engine features a wide range of search filters for refining results quickly and easily.

The search engine can be accessed at

You can find the catalogue and search engine guides on the Tutorials page.

A catalogue for each platform

The OpenEdition catalogues make it easy for libraries to browse content published on OpenEdition Books, OpenEdition Journals and Hypotheses and offers a wider variety of filters: disciplines, collections, access policy, publisher, language, country, label, etc.

Journal and blog records also provide bibliographic and editorial information and allow readers to stay informed about the latest news from each publication, via their RSS feeds.

Coverage lists

Libraries and documentary tool providers (Ebsco, Serials Solutions,Exlibris, etc.) can use several KBART files to help them monitor the current state of OpenEdition’s collections:

You can find documentation on KBART standards (in English) on our Tutorial page.