Matomo statistics

The OpenEdition platforms provide server statistics measures via the Matomo analysis tool. You can consult these statistics at the following address:

Using this open access tool, all users – editorial teams, authors and partners – can keep track of the number of visits to a site and better identify users’ interests and practices. 

Counter 5 statistics

Counter statistics measure resource consultation on OpenEdition. OpenEdition supplies personalised Counter statistics for each institution subscribing to OpenEdition Freemium. OpenEdition’s Counter statistics conform to version 5 of the "COUNTER Code of Practice".

OpenEdition’s Counter 5 service is certified by an independent audit.

Counter audit passed

If your institution has subscribed to OpenEdition Freemium, you have received a login and password to access your statistics from Statistics are also available for your campus or library if you have subscribed to the OpenEdition Freemium free trial period. For further infromation, please contact