OpenEdition is a comprehensive digital publishing infrastructure at the service of scientific information in the Humanities and social Sciences. The OpenEdition portal includes four publishing and information platforms in the humanities and social sciences: OpenEdition Journals, OpenEdition Books, Hypotheses (research blogs) and Calenda (announcements of international academic events). The portal is thus a space dedicated to the promotion of research, publishing tens of thousands of scientific documents that promote open access, while respecting the economic equilibrium of publications.

Recognized as national research infrastructure since 2016, OpenEdition is developed by OpenEdition Center, a service and research unit (USR 2004) of the CNRS, Aix-Marseille University, the EHESS and the University of Avignon. A public non-profit initiative supported by major research institutions, whose main mission is the promotion of open access digital publishing, OpenEdition also aligns its work with the framework of the National plan for Open Science. OpenEdition was awarded the “Investments for the Future” label in 2012. Its main missions are the development of open access digital publishing, the dissemination of uses and skills related to digital publishing, research and innovation around enhancement methods, and digital-driven information retrieval.