The Bay of Marifu

The purpose of this research blog is to present new ideas concerning the reconstruction of Old Korean, a historical stage of the Korean language spoken during the Three Kingdoms period, and several protolanguages that belong to the Japonic (Japanese–Ryukyuan) family, including Proto-Japonic, Proto-Ryukyuan, and Proto-Miyako. The main focus will be on phonological reconstruction of the aforementioned languages or, rather, "decipherment" in case of Old Korean; especially, previously underexplored topics such as stratification of archaic Sino-Korean pronunciations, Old Japanese borrowings into Proto-Ryukyuan, and Old Okinawan borrowings into Proto-Miyako will be extensively covered in this blog. The Bay of Marifu (Old Japanese 麻里布能宇良 maripu nö ura), located in the southeastern part of modern-day Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, is named after what I believe to be the Old Korean word for river mouth. As such, the title of this blog symbolizes the interplay between the reconstruction of the Old Korean language and Japonic historical linguistics.

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18 août 2023

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