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Bibliographic citations are central to academia, knitting together independent works of scholarship into a global endeavour and providing authors with a mechanism for assigning credit to other researchers.Since 2010, the OpenCitations Blog has presented the evolution and growth of OpenCitations, an independent infrastructure organization for open scholarship dedicated to the publication of open bibliographic and citation data by the use of Semantic Web (Linked Data) technologies. OpenCitations is a transdisciplinary infrastructure that assists in making the results of academic research more accessible and reusable, and currently provides free access to over 1.3 billion citations, approaching parity in terms of coverage with commercial citation indexes. OpenCitations is run by the academic community and is managed by the Research Centre for Open Scholarly Metadata at the University of Bologna. The blog showcases news and posts about developments and studies relating to the publication of open bibliographic citation data and the impact of OpenCitations in the Open Science ecosystem.

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