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The project, linked to the Facebook /SolaSoleGaudet and Instagram pages of Oplon, aims at the creation of a space for scholars, as well as experts in the field, where it will be possible to post brief articles related to ancient arms' history, particularly focusing on the time between the last centuries of Late Middle Ages to and the second half of the 19th century, and where both researchers and enthusiasts can start a dialogue on the subject by using a format familiar to many and available to everyone. With the core of the project being ancient arms, other inter-related fields, such as museology, art history, restoration and military history will also be addressed.

Il progetto, collegato alle pagine Facebook e Instagram di Oplon, si propone di offrire uno spazio agli studiosi (accademici e no) per brevi pubblicazioni legate alla storia delle armi antiche, con particolare attenzione al periodo che intercorre tra gli ultimi secoli del Basso Medioevo e la seconda metà dell'Ottocento. Verranno affrontare anche tematiche di settori in stretto rapporto con la disciplina, come la museologia, la storia dell'arte, il restauro e la storia militare.

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13 avril 2022

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