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‘The Court Observer’ will be the official blog of the Society for Court Studies. Founded in September 1995, the Society for Court Studies is the leading international academic society for the examination of royal and princely courts and households from antiquity to the present. The Society has become an integral part of the study of the past from multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and international perspectives. The purpose of the blog is to showcase new and innovative research in the field, from both members and non-members. Posts will be based on original research, presented in a shorter, more accessible format than a traditional journal article. This format will be particularly suitable for works-in-progress, sharing research problems or obstacles, or posts based on conference papers. Authors will be required to uphold the usual rigorous academic standards, including citations, and posts will be reviewed and edited before being published. As well as our usual academic readership, we also intend that this shorter, open access format will enable school teachers and university tutors to utilise our blog posts in their curricula, as accessible and academically credible readings.

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18 juillet 2022

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