Experiential knowledge at the core of peer support

Our societies are facing the growing number of their citizens who are losing their autonomy, whether as a result of disability, illness or even ageing. The gradual emergence of what has become a public problem in the media, has revealed a significant deficit in the transmission of knowledge about autonomy in dependency. At the same time, people with disabilities, chronic illness or mental health problems have accumulated knowledge from their experiences. This experiential knowledge (Borkman, 1976) is a major societal challenge. Yet it is little known, let alone disseminated. This booklet will report on the progress of the EXPEERTs research program on rare experiential knowledge and its facilitating contexts of creation, particularly peer support (Gardien, 2018). It will also disseminate information on publications and events related to this topic. This booklet will be of interest to all those who tries to understand what the experience of disability, chronic illness or mental health disorders can bring on its own and in a positive way.

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16 juin 2020

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