Dünden Bügüne

Critical Heritage and the Politics of the Past in Contemporary Turkey

"Dünden Bügüne" (from Yesterday to Today) collects thoughts and opinions on Turkey from a (Critical) Heritage perspective. Heritage is defined as the connection we have in the present with the objects, people and events of the past. This relationship established between yesterday and today is overtly unstable and controversial. This is true across the world including Turkey. Ideologies such as Nationalism, Imperialism, Orientalism, Secularism ; theories and practice connected to modernization and development, neo-Ottomanism and the Turkish-Islamic synthesis, human-rights and environmental struggles ; socio-cultural categories including class, ethnicity, gender and religion ; other bio- and techno-political processes linked to minorities, diaspora, migration, expulsion, conflict, etc. have all influenced the ways by which the past has been used (sometimes misused or abused) in contemporary Turkey. "Dünden Bügüne" is an attempt to examine heritage in present-day Turkey in an effort to question the power relations at play behind the production of the past as well as engage in global conversations around other heritage-related themes such as museums, tourism and memory.

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Laurent Dissard

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26 janvier 2021

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Dünden Bügüne
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Institut Claude Laugénie
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