The city represented by new communication technologies

Instacity is a blog dedicated to the study of the visual representations and narratives of the cities in the new communication technologies. This project aims to understand the extent to which the use of technological devices and the overexposure of images (instagrammable cities) shape the urban experience, give visibility to places and affect tourism and urban consumption.From a sociological perspective, the theoretical framework develops the concepts of post-photography and mediascapes. The whole research path is proposed to question, among other aspects: What are the most photographed urban elements? Is there an urban predominant aesthetic? What experiences do prosumers have? Which are the implications of post-photographic images on tourism and urban consumption? What is the importance of heritage and urban cultural practices in the visual production of Instagram? How do technological devices affect routes and urban discoveries? The research is transdisciplinary in nature, with contributions from Sociology, Digital Media, Digital Humanities, Geography and Urban Studies. The research blog is targeted both at specialists and the general reader interested in the visual and digital culture of the cities.

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