Applying for Freemium Program (journals)

Libraries and institutions can subscribe to OpenEdition’s Freemium journal bundle to gain access to humanities and social science journals published on the OpenEdition Journals platform. With a subscription, users can view full articles in HTML, as well as download articles and journals in PDF and ePub formats at any time.

The Freemium bundle allows librarians to acquire resources and support the development of open access while meeting the needs of instructors, researchers, and students alike by eliminating DRM and download limits. Services included with the subscription help libraries manage subscription content and incorporate it into existing catalogs and search tools.

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Journals that wish to be added to the bundle must:

- Have been published on OpenEdition Journals no later than August of the previous year (with at least 3 issues or 30 articles)

- Agree to always publish on time and observe its stated publication schedule

- Agree to allow open access (in HTML) to all of its content immediately (downloadable PDF and ePub formats are available only to subscribing institutions)

- Be able to receive payment (the legal entity appearing on the supplier form must sign an agreement and provide bank account information as requested)

To apply to add a journal to the bundle, complete the application form and submit it to freemium[at]


Selection Criteria

OpenEdition’s Freemium selection committee reviews the applications and evaluates the journals based on editorial quality, certifications, usage statistics, language of publication, financial model, library demand, and how well a journal fits into the existing bundle.

Annual Schedule

The bundle is updated annually on January 1. The application schedule is as follows:

- April–May: Receipt of applications confirmed.

- July–early/mid-September: Journals selected leading up to the ADBU conference.

- New bundle announced at the ADBU conference.

- January 1: Accepted journals added to the bundle.



Two-thirds of subscription proceeds go back to the journals and one-third go to OpenEdition to pay for services and develop new ones.

Freemium revenue is calculated based on qualified views, as recorded in COUNTER statistics by subscribing institutions, weighted based on the size of the document viewed. Revenue is allocated to Freemium bundle journals in proportion to their qualified views.



For more information, contact freemium[at]