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Exploring academic practices

For many years, students and teachers at the Department for Northern European Studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin have been co-experimenting with entangled practices of research, teaching, and learning. Amongst these practices are the creative use of visual and bodily techniques in the classroom, a writing lab as well as meetings, workshops and conferences in open space formats developed by department members. The blog Experiment Geisteswissenschaft – Exploring Academic Practices itself is such an experimental technique, a forum to discuss, reflect, and share such practices and move them in ever new ways. In this blog, undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, professors, and persons beyond the academy are writing and experimenting for and with each other. The blog wants to seduce writers and readers into reflecting collectively what the Humanities could or should be for each one of us. It wants to entice curiosity about how we ourselves truly want to work beyond the (alleged) practical constraints of finishing a module or acquiring a degree as fast as possible, or of complying with a set number of teaching hours. What happens if, every once in a while, we refuse to practice anticipatory obedience towards a logic that sets contra-productive incentives through numeric indicators such as the number of enrolled students, of graduations, of external funds, or classroom hours. Experiment Geisteswissenschaft wants to become a space where joy which is indispensable for all academic work can unfold. And it can encourage participants to practice an experimental attitude in all activities.

Am Nordeuropa-Institut der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin experimentieren Studierende und Lehrende seit vielen Jahren gemeinsam mit Praktiken forschenden Lernens. Dazu gehören kreative Seminarformen, in denen wir visuelle und körperliche Techniken zum Erkenntnisgewinn einsetzen, ein Schreiblabor sowie Institutstreffen, Workshops und Meetings in von uns weiter entwickelten Open-Space-Formaten, und vieles mehr. Das Blog Experiment Geisteswissenschaft ist selbst eine solche experimentelle Technik, und es ist ein Forum, um solche Praktiken zu schildern, zu reflektieren, zu teilen und in immer neue Bewegungen zu bringen.

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17 avril 2020

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