Masculinism and science

Studying the role of evolution and genetics in the Manosphere

My research focuses on the role and place of life sciences (genetics, biology, evolutionary psychology) in masculinist discourse and ideology. Most movements affiliated with the "Manosphere" (Pickup-Artists,Incels, TheRedPill, Men's Rights Activists) tend to ground their ideas and agendas in scientific knowledge.My PhD thesis aims to precisely study this phenomenon. How is science invoked by those activists and pundits? What type of scientific knowledge? Where does it come from and how is it transmitted? Ultimately, while helping understand better the various shades of masculinist ideology, this work will also shed light on the way scientific knowledge is shared, invoked, popularized, and sometimes obfuscated or truncated on the Internet. I will thus try to determine if these male activists and ideologists actually contribute to creating a new bottom-up form of scientific knowledge through their constant popularization.

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Louis Bachaud

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17 juillet 2020

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Masculinism and science
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