Social Science, Crowdsourcing and Stratification

This blog is dedicated to discuss open science and social science research activities. The main activity of the author at this moment is its work on the Crowdsourced Replication Initiative. Along with two other PIs, they employed crowdsourced replication to test the hypothesis that immigration undermines support for social policy across rich democracies, also known as a ‘many analysts’ approach (Silberzahn et al. 2018). This project involves a replication and then an expansion of Brady and Finnigan’s (2014) study (“B&F” throughout this section) titled “Does Immigration Undermine Public Support for Social Policy?”. This blog will become a source for detailing the complex process of organizing, administering and evaluating the project and its massive amount of generated data. At first it will be a technical blog, looking at the 'nitty-gritty' of the methods necessary to carry out such a large scale project. So at first there will be historical information about the project and its phases and then there will be up to date information about trying to develop a ShinyApp in R and other ways of presenting their results.

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