The most hidden integration

Infrastructures, coopération infrastructurelle et continuité de l'intégration européenne: Der Europäische Post- und Fernmeldeverein

Our project focuses on the European Postal and Telecommunications Union (EPTU) that was established in 1942 on the basis of a italo-german initiative. It lasted until 1944. Its 13 member states were mostly territories dependent of or occupied by the Axis. Thus, the union represents an international organisation during the Second World War which is traditionally seen as a break in international and more specifically European cooperation. However, the union shows that the war does not necessarily constitute a historical ceasura but also fostered coordination between European entities – here between the PTT (Post, Telecommunication, Telegraphy) administrations. Furthermore, the cooperation of PTT administrations relied and relies on a strong historical traditions and wide range of elements that built on these heritage – habitus, conventions and self-perception – can be refound in EPTU. Therefore, the project will also put the union into the larger historical context of PTT coordination and integration.

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The most hidden integration
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