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The China Soil and Water History Network features research outcomes and source materials related to the history of land use, environmental change, and water and soil conservation in northwest China’s Loess Plateau region from the early-twentieth century to the present. The goal of the project is to facilitate systematic exploration of human interactions with soil and water as a fundamental component of Chinese environmental history. The research program and its online platform will present a variety of materials, including historical GIS, photographic images, archival documents, and quantitative data sets. These sources will make it possible to analyze relationships among the variables that have transformed the biophysical environment of the Loess Plateau across space and time, understand the consequences of these changes for human well-being, and evaluate the effects of water and soil conservation programs in the region. The purpose of this blog will be to serve as a forum for intellectual exchange and the dissemination of information related to this research program. It is also meant to facilitate and expand contributions to the project by a wider community of scholars and students.

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