Open scholarly practices in the arts and humanities

The aim of this scholarly blog is to provide a single space where information around the emerging landscape of Open Humanities can be disseminated, discussed and evaluated. We believe that building an Open agenda growing out from real community practices and needs is capable of bringing to reality the assumption of Open Science in Humanities is just as a sensible, viable and feasible option and the possible best future as it is in other fields of science. To achieve this, we need to facilitate a constant dialogue with the multifaceted communities in the Humanities to about their needs, data management practices, research workflows and check the viability of current Open Science options for the Humanities domain. Since the blog is aimed to be an official communications platform of the ERIC DARIAH, our primary target audience will be the DARIAH networks including both researcher communities from the Humanities and our broader stakeholder groups such as the GLAM-sector, sister ERICS or different policy-making bodies. We are planning to cover topics around open data practices in the Humanities, domain-specific Open Access development, reflections on the changing policy landscape, developments around the EOSC etc. Besides, the blog will be intentionally kept as interactive as possible. We are planning to give visibility to emerging open best practices in the Humanities and fostering discussions around them, conducting interviews with representatives of key stakeholders, encourage commenting and open annotation facilities etc.

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13 décembre 2018

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