Il canzoniere comico di Alessandro Braccesi

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Alessandro Braccesi (1445-1503), born out of a humble Florentine family, was a notary, an intellectual and a poet, both in Latin and in vernacular. Although his poetry did not meet a relevant success among his peer and his name is now known only by few researchers, his work deserves acknowledgement, or at least to be published. The aim of this blog is to provide a critical edition of Braccesi's collection of comic poetry. The choice of publishing more than 200 comic poems on a blog is driven by practical reasons. The first is to make available a critical edition in Open Access. The second is experimenting with a digital platform and try out new ways to experience the text. The third is to encourage an exchange between the author of the blog and a wider public. Comic poetry is notoriously ambiguous, and a collaborative effort could really shed light on its meanings.

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Il canzoniere comico di Alessandro Braccesi
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