Annotations on OpenEdition Books

As part of the EU HIRMEOS project, OpenEdition is offering a new feature, annotations, and launching a post-publication open peer review experiment.

Open annotations is a tool that allows you to leave annotations, i.e. line-by-line comments linked to a specific passage of text.
Publishers on OpenEdition Books can activate this tool by default on the web pages of their publications. Activation is possible at several levels (chapter, work, series). Readers can then access the tool directly from the chapter’s web page. They benefit from the various features offered by (annotations, highlights, page notes, responses to annotations) at several levels: privately (personal use) or shared in public groups.
Publishers interested in activating on their content can contact us at the following address:
Users who wish to get help learning to use the tool can consult our user guide.

Open peer review experiment

As part of this implementation, OpenEdition Books coordinated a post-publication open peer review experiment from February to June 2019.
The aim was to create a space for scientific conversation around the selected publications, involving readers in a direct scientific communication process.

For more information on this experiment, please see the post on Open Electronic Publishing: Open annotations: Call for participation

The results of this experiment can be found at the following address: