Participatory Engagement in Digital Humanities

This blog, supported by DARIAH-eu and Humanities at Scale(HaS), will document the proceedings and findings of the Masterclass, 'Participatory Engagement in Digital Humanities Projects,' scheduled to take place in Maynooth University from 29-30 June 2017. The Masterclass will explore how participatory engagement is increasingly being considered a key component in the design of digital humanities projects. As a concept and method, it has a wider reach than crowdsourcing, and signals a more collaborative relationship between researchers, the research process, and the community it serves. While this mode of engagement can be empowering and impactful, it also raises a number of concerns: Identifying the stakeholders;Ethics and exploitation;Legal environments;Resources and project sustainability;Measuring the impact;From participation to scholarly output This Masterclass will offer a platform for discussion of these ideas bringing together those interested in these topics, as both practitioners and theorists. A goal of this Masterclass will be to arrive at a classification of various forms of participation and knowledge production, providing a window onto the issues of creating and managing a participatory engagement digital humanities projects.

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Participatory Engagement in Digital Humanities
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