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The blog will be an open space connected to the activities of IIPS. The program, open each year to thirty to forthy fellows (two groups of fifteen/twenty each), will focus on ancient and medieval books, inscriptions and documents and will consist of seminars, conferences and guided visits of libraries (Vallicelliana and Corsiniana of Rome, Vittorio Emanuele III of Naples, Medicea Laurenziana of Florence), research institutes (Istituto papirologico G. Vitelli of Florence, Officina dei Papiri “Marcello Gigante” of Naples, Istituto di patologia del libro of Rome), archives (archive of the Cattedrale of Bari) and archeological sites (Roman Forum, Pompeii and Herculaneum). The IIPS will be a transdisciplinary and comparative action focused on written materials produced in the Mediterranean area from Antiquity to Middle Ages (Greek, Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew papyri, ostraca, rolls, codices and inscriptions). It aims at offering (a) a unique and international training opportunity, thanks to the collaboration of fifteen researchers gathered from thirteen universities and research institutes from different countries; (b) an exclusive and direct access to original documents and research materials and (c) a chance to share experiences with experts in all the fields related to the study, restoration and valorization of written heritage.Special emphasis will be given to archiving and cataloguing techniques used in different areas and periods and to the creation and developing of collections, the general dynamics of loss and preservation of written heritage.

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