European Network of Forensic Physicians and Psychiatrists

The proposed network associates physicians involved with persons deprived of liberty, both in the chronology of this deprivation – at the time of arrest, during police custody and in detention – and in its various medical mental and somatic dimensions. Taking the most serious situations into account makes it necessary that the forensic physicians and pathologists involved in cases of deaths in custody be part of the network. The protection and security of persons deprived of liberty is balanced by the security of the police and prison officers. Health issues related to both aspects will be part of the field covered by the network. The present consortium comprises participants from 6 countries. The European call needs participants from at least 8 member states or associated countries. Participants from all member states will be contacted and participation from Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria and Poland is especially expected because of previous collaborations and published research in the field.

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