A shriveling world

Time-space relief cartography developments

La cartographie en relief d'espace-temps a été inventée par Mathis-L'Hostis en 1993, à l'Université de Tours, pour représenter l'espace-temps en assumant la coexistence de mode de transport rapides et lents sur un même territoire. Appliquée initialement aux modes terrestres (1993), sur des espaces nationaux (1993), puis continentaux (1994), le principe a été appliqué au mode aérien (2009). Ceci ouvre la voie à la prochaine étape du développement de ces cartes, à savoir la création d'une représentation de l'espace-temps mondial.

Time space relief cartography was invented in 1993 to map the time-space contraction assuming the coexistence of fast and slow transport modes.Initially applied locally to terrestrial modes (1993), the principle has been applied to continental scales (1994) and to the air mode (2009).


The word 'shrivelling' was first used by Waldo Tobler in his comments of the Mathis-L'Hostis image, to refer to the complex transformation of time-space with the introduction of fast transport modes.The next major step, an ongoing work, is to create a cartographic representation of the earth, the global time-space.


The blog aim is to communicate ideas, images around this model, and to open discussions. The format of the blog is not peer reviewed, hence this form will allow to show intermediate results and test new ideas.


The blog will also provide links to peer reviewed material.The blog will also record all maps produced on the period, for easy access by anyone. This material is a grey one, not known and not easily reachable/diffusable. This section will contribute to a better knowledge of this, currently, confidential model.Intended readership: academics and the general (curious) public.



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