Distribution in libraries

OpenEdition Freemium is developing an innovative and sustainable model for digital open access journals and books. Through our programme of book sales to libraries and research institutions, publications enjoy greater visibility in academic and institutional networks while the sale of these titles generates income.

Institutions that have subscribed to the journals offer or which have bought or rented books enjoy unrestricted open access to the HTML version of titles and DRM-free unlimited downloads of PDFs and ePubs. The offer also includes a range of other services for institutions.

170 journals hosted on OpenEdition Journals have already opted for the Open Access Freemium distribution model. And almost 50 journals have opted for open access by joining the OpenEdition Freemium bundle
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  • HTML (in open access)
  • ePubs (for tablets and smartphones)
  • PDFs (facsimiles or automatically generated)


One of the aims of the programme is to participate in the financing of digital academic publishing. The income generated can be used to develop the publication by covering the costs of, for example, copy-editing services or the translation of abstracts and metadata.

The income generated is paid to journal publishers annually. The payment is calculated pro rata on the basis of the number of visits to their journal’s site by subscribers to the offer. Book publishers receive two thirds of the price of books purchased or rented by institutions.

Distribution network

Consult the list of institutions and libraries around the world that have subscribed to OpenEdition Freemium