Mobilities and Innovations

Creativity and (Re)Invention of People on the Move in the Long 19th century

The long 19th century was the century of innovation. The insatiable demand for novelty coincided with the rise of modern science and technology and the onset of modernity in the western world. Since the first industrial revolutions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, innovations were made possible at an unprecedented rate promising to heal the fears of modern societies and handle the uncertainties of their futures. The same century was also the century of human mobility. Never before did the world experience movement and emigration to such a large scale. The revolution in transport, which lowered costs, made movement across the continents and seas easier and more accessible to ever greater numbers. At the same time, the political and economic conditions of an age of empire and revolution urged hundreds of thousands of people to leave their country. The blog explores these two domains of human experience together and examines their links. It does so by focussing mostly on the Mediterranean and by studying the individual lives of inventors and innovators on the move. By bringing for the first time together historians of migration and historians of technology and innovation, the blog aims to assess the transimperial and transnational circulation of know-hows in a perceived ‘periphery’ of the industrialised and modernised world.

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