OpenEdition Freemium newsletter

In 2014 we published the first OpenEdition Freemium Newsletter. It is primarily aimed at libraries and institutions interested in OpenEdition’s programmes for the development of open access academic publishing in the humanities and social sciences. It informs users about changes to the content of programmes and services offered by the OpenEdition platforms, and also provides information relevant to librarians and regarding access to information in the humanities and social sciences. Two editions of the newsletter are available, in French ou in English.


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If you want to learn more about the OpenEdition Freemium newsletter before subscribing, the three latest issues in French and English are available below.

Les Nouvelles d'OpenEdition Freemium (French)

N°21 - Mars 2022
N°20 - Septembre 2021

N°19 - Avril 2021

OpenEdition Freemium Newsletter (English)

No.14 - March 2022
No.13 - September 2021

No.12 - April 2021