E-book order

OpenEdition Freemium for Books

A commercial offer for digital books in the humanities and social sciences is available on our OpenEdition Books platform. Access to PDF and ePub files of purchased and rented books is granted with no DRM* or download quotas. This offer allows libraries to pursue a diversified acquisition policy while contributing to the development of open access.

The associated services make it straightforward to manage and integrate books into library catalogs and discovery tools.

Several ordering modes


With this mode, librarians can make their acquisition choices with all the flexibility they need.
Duration: permanent acquisition or annual rental with purchase option.


We offer bundles by discipline, geographic area, language, subject area, publication date, etc. Bundles are updated several times a year. The full list can be downloaded below.
Duration: permanent acquisition or annual rental with purchase option.

New Releases Standing Order and Approval Plan

The New Releases Standing Order service provides access to new releases from one or several collections of partner publishers, as soon as the books are published (see list of collections below). Two purchase modes are available: by collection or by title, within the selected collections.

The Approval Plan service provides access to new releases as soon as they are published, according to the criteria the librarians have defined (subject area, keywords, year of publication, publisher, geographical area, etc.).

Duration: permanent acquisition. 

Subscription to Freemium books

The subscription to Freemium books grants access to all the books published in Freemium open access, more than 75% of the OpenEdition Books catalog. Books are accessible only for the duration of the subscription.
Duration: annual rental without purchase option.

Main differences between permanent acquisition and annual rental

Permanent acquisition allows libraries to develop book collections over the long term and with no limit on the use of PDF and ePub files.

With annual rentals, libraries can offer their users a variety of books at a lower cost. For rentals with a purchase option, the acquisition of a title becomes permanent after four years of rental.


Non-discounted prices for books and bundles (purchase/annual rental), subscription fees to Freemium books and quotation requests for the New Releases Standing Order are available for download below.

A customized quotation request can be submitted to access@openedition.org.

Request a trial period

Institutions and libraries can trial OpenEdition Freemium for Books free of charge for a three-month period, during which they will be granted access to a book bundle. To request a free trial period, please fill in this form and send it to access@openedition.org.

*DRM = digital rights management.

Downloadable documents

LIVRES Présentation de l'offre (application/pdf – 2.2M)

LIVRES Catalogue (application/vnd.ms-excel – 6.2M)

LIVRES Bouquets (application/vnd.ms-excel – 57k)

SERVICE NOUVEAUTÉS Présentation rapide (application/pdf – 315k)

SERVICE NOUVEAUTÉS Modalités d'abonnement (application/pdf – 332k)

SERVICE NOUVEAUTÉS Catalogue / Demande devis (application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet – 47k)

ABONNEMENT Livres Freemium (application/pdf – 344k)

ABONNEMENT Liste des livres freemium (application/vnd.ms-excel – 5.7M)

BOOKS Short presentation (application/pdf – 2.2M)

BOOKS Catalogue (application/vnd.ms-excel – 6.2M)

BOOKS Bundles (application/vnd.ms-excel – 57k)

STANDING ORDER Short presentation (application/pdf – 315k)

STANDING ORDER Subscription conditions (application/pdf – 286k)

STANDING ORDER Catalogue / Quote request (application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet – 47k)

SUBSCRIPTION Freemium books (application/pdf – 301k)

SUBSCRIPTION List of Freemium books (application/vnd.ms-excel – 5.7M)