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OpenEdition Freemium for Books

Digital books in the humanities and social sciences are available for purchase on our OpenEdition Books platform. Acquisition provides permanent access to the PDFs and ePubs of books. This programme allows libraries to pursue an acquisitions policy that both encourages the development of open access and respects the needs of teaching, research and learning communities: no DRM or download quotas are applied. A high standard of associated services makes it straightforward to manage and integrate content into library catalogues and discovery tools.

Three modes of purchase are on offer: Title by title, as a bundle or via subscription to the New Releases Standing Order

It is possible to purchase books title by title, as a bundle or via subscription to the New Releases Standing Order.
The bundles on offer are grouped as follows: by discipline, geography, language, topic, collection, date of publication, etc. The full list is available for download below.
The thematic bundles are selected from the indexed OpenEdition Books catalogue.
The New Releases Standing Order makes it possible to subscribe for 12 months to gain automatic access to new releases from one or several collection(s) as soon as it/they is made available on OpenEdition Books. Books purchased in this way are permanent acquisitions.
These three modes of purchase can be freely combined. A book purchased through one of these modes of purchase is purchased once and for all and cannot be invoiced as part of another offer.

A permanent or annual (rental) licence

Permanent access enables libraries to build up book collections for long-term conservation and without usage limits applied to PDF and ePub files. Libraries are able to conserve the PDF and ePub files of purchased books. With annual rental, libraries can offer users books acquired individually or as part of a cheaper bundle. The library automatically acquires permanent access to the title after four years of uninterrupted rental access.

Request a trial period

Institutions and libraries are able to trial OpenEdition Freemium for Books free of charge. To request a trial period, please contact access@openedition.org.


For price listings, please contact access@openedition.org.

Downloadable documents

LIVRES Présentation de l'offre (application/pdf – 354k)

LIVRES Catalogue (application/vnd.ms-excel – 5.4M)

LIVRES Bouquets (application/vnd.ms-excel – 59k)

SERVICE NOUVEAUTÉS Présentation rapide (application/pdf – 141k)

SERVICE NOUVEAUTÉS Catalogue (application/pdf – 861k)

SERVICE NOUVEAUTÉS Modalités d'abonnement (application/pdf – 120k)

SERVICE NOUVEAUTÉS Demande devis (application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet – 46k)

BOOKS Short presentation (application/pdf – 349k)

BOOKS Catalogue (application/vnd.ms-excel – 5.4M)

BOOKS Bundles (application/vnd.ms-excel – 58k)

STANDING ORDER Short presentation (application/pdf – 344k)

STANDING ORDER Catalogue (application/pdf – 861k)

STANDING ORDER Subscription conditions (application/pdf – 107k)

STANDING ORDER Quote request (application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet – 45k)