Identifying publications

e-ISSNs and ISBNs

On the request of the OpenEdition, each digital journal published on OpenEdition Journals and each research blog on Hypotheses is attributed an e-ISSN by the Bibliothèque nationale de France. These publications are therefore recognised as clearly identifiable bibliographical resources.
The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and International Standard Book Number (ISBN) are unique numbers that meet international standards and make it possible to identify each and every journal and edition of a given book, regardless of whether it is published in digital or print format. These numbers are intended to simplify management issues for all actors in the publishing industry (printers, publishers, book sellers, librarians, etc.).

Digital object identifiers

OpenEdition systematically registers a digital object identifier (DOI) with Crossref for every journal article published on OpenEdition Journals. It will soon do the same for books and chapters published on OpenEdition Books.
A DOI is a unique ID number for a digital resource. It is based on the document’s metadata and its online location.
DOI resolvers, which have a similar role to search engines, can be used to directly locate the resource corresponding to a given DOI.
DOIs are a complement to e-ISSNs because they offer the possibility of cross-linking references or displaying a single resource in several different locations, which is not possible with an e-ISSN.

More information on the Maison des revues website:
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