Using Lodel for electronic publication

The electronic publishing tool for publishers

Lodel is a Content Management System (CMS), specially created to handle long and complex texts as part of a highly structured editorial environment.

Lodel was designed in 2000 during the development of the platform for journals in the humanities and social sciences. It continues to be used and developed by OpenEdition for the publication of  journal issues and books on OpenEdition Journals (formerly and OpenEditin Books platforms, and has been the subject of several major updates. The current version in use is Lodel 1.0.

Lodel produces XML documents, and conforms to norms of the profession, especially W3C standards and other interoperability norms (Dublin Core, RSS, OAI).

Online publication made quick and easy

Lodel is online software, designed to enable quality academic electronic publishing by editorial teams working from everyday workstations. Special care has been paid to optimising the time required to publish a document online.

In accordance with our principal of appropriation, the software enables publishing secretaries to publish their texts themselves, in the same way they control publication using Xpress or Indesign, and without having to be a computer specialist.

Lodel enables publication of a journal issue or a book by importing texts already laid out using a word processing or DTP software. Lodel uses paragraph styles (for example: title, summary, author) to automatically create contents pages and indexes. The list of styles supported can be extended and configured by the user.

Software adapted to academic needs

Lodel is especially respectful of academic publishing conventions, such as footnotes, text structure, the character requirements of non-Latin languages, diacritical signs, small caps, and non-breaking spaces, etc.

The software also helps the development of collaborative online work, facilitating the work of editorial teams and simplifying methods of textual evaluation. Lodel also enables contributors in different towns and countries to come together online, via an editorial intranet.

The software proposes deferred publication of articles. The system effectively enables publication of full texts of an article on an ulterior date set by the publisher.

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