Wordpress training for Hypotheses

In order to accompany you in getting the hang of your Hypotheses research blog(s), OpenEdition regularly organizes free training courses for all users who are already have a blog on Hypotheses or would like to open one.

These training sessions allow participants to create, configure and customize their research blog(s) and to master all the editing and management features offered to them with the free software Wordpress, on which Hypotheses is based.

The trainings take place over one day, in Marseille, Paris and Lyon. They are free of charge and accessible only by registration. The number of seats available for each session varies according to the location of the training, depending on the capacity of the rooms used. The training is conducted in French.

Two levels of training are offered:

Basic training courses

The beginner’s course lasts one day and is divided into two stages:

  • an introductory theoretical part, allowing course participants to understand the the functioning and particularities of Hypotheses, and to discover the ecosystem - formed by the OpenEdition platforms - in which this blog platform is embedded,
  • a practical part, which constitutes the heart of the training and during which the participants will be led to understand the functioning of the Wordpress software, thanks to which the Hypothesis platform works. This session involves learning how to configurate a blog, design its visual aspect and, of course, publish content.

While it is not necessary to have a Hypotheses blog to attend one of our beginner’s courses, it is important to have basic IT skills (Internet browser, word processing software).

Advanced course

Advanced training courses are also conducted over one day. They are only intended for users who already have at least one Hypotheses blog.

The advanced training courses do not include a theoretical introductory part and are based on the model of a "frequently asked questions" section, where everyone can ask questions in order to obtain answers and clarifications pertaining to any editorial or technical point related to the functioning of their blog(s), or to Hypotheses more widely. Some questions will be dealt with collectively, so that the whole group can benefit from the answers that will be provided.

Advanced training courses are identified as such when the training session is chosen in this form.


Regarding the practical part of our training, we will provide you with a training blog, on which you will be able to practice with complete peace of mind for the duration of the training and up to four months beyond that (even if you already have a blog on Hypotheses).


  • François Pacaud, Head of science blogging department
  • Marion Wesely, Community manager & communication officer for the Hypotheses platform

Calendar and registration

To consult the calendar of upcoming Hypotheses training courses and register for one of the sessions we offer, please click on this link. All practical information concerning our training courses will be sent to you by email once your registration has been validated.