Lodel users training

OpenEdition provides free training sessions on Lodel for the editorial teams of journals and books. Lodel is the digital publishing software used by the OpenEdition Journals and OpenEdition Books platforms.

These trainings are regularly organized in Marseille, Paris or Lyon (we are looking for other possibilities). The Lodel users training takes place over two days, face-to-face.

Four online training sessions will be held this year.

The prerequisites for these courses can be consulted here.

Objective of the training

The aim of the sessions is to provide journal and book copy-editors and editorial teams using OpenEdition platforms with the skills and confidence to publish their publications with Lodel.

Please note that these training sessions are intended for users of Lodel and not for website developers. The installation of the software and the development of web templates are not covered. Furthermore, for each session, trainees must be equipped with a computer on which the Word software is installed.

Technical details of the required material will be given in the convocations for online learning sessions.

Prerequisites: familiarity with Windows/Mac; good working knowledge of MS Word.

The training program

  • Presentation of the Lodel software: principles, editorial objects and functioning mode
  • Presentation of the software interface
  • Creation and publication of documents
  • Learning document styles in word processing software with a view of importing them into Lodel
  • Style hints and tips. Orphan Notes software. Advanced functions: management of users’ indexes, annexes, images and multimedia documents.

2021-2022 sessions

OpenEdition Journals

  • September 30th - October 01st 2021: online session                  
  • October 13th-14th 2021: Paris, La Bulac
  • November 15th-16th 2021: Bruxelles, Saint Louis University            
  • November 25th-26th 2021: Lyon, BU Lyon 3                        
  • December 06th-07th 2021: Paris, La Bulac                                    
  • February 07th-08th 2022: online session                           
  • March 17th-18th 2022: Lyon, BU de Lyon 3                       
  • April 11th-12th 2022: Paris, La Bulac
  • May 11th-12th 2022: Strasbourg, MISHA                            
  • May 19th-20th 2022: online session                           
  • 13th-14th June 2022: Paris, La Bulac
  • July 04th-05th 2022: Marseille

► A personal computer is required for each session. It must be equipped with a recent version of Word.

To register for training simply fill in the online form.

OpenEdition Books

Independent and remote modules are offered this spring for publishers who are members of OpenEdition Books (just click on the links below to register):

Training venues

Paris: Bulac, Bibliothèque universitaire des langues et civilisations, 65 rue des Grands Moulins 75013 Paris (go to the reception desk, training room on the ground floor)

Marseille: OpenEdition, 22 rue John Maynard Keynes, 13013 Marseille.

Lyon: Bibliothèque du Palais, Training room, 15 quai Claude Bernard 69007 Lyon (on the banks of the Rhône) or BU de Lyon 3, Manufacture site

Bruxelles : Université Saint-louis, Bd du Jardin Botanique 43, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Strasbourg: Maison interuniversitaire des sciences de l'homme - Alsace (MISHA), All. du Général Rouvillois, 67083 Strasbourg

Distance session: A Zoom link will be sent to you before the chosen session.


One your registration form is sent, you will receive an answer as soon as possible. Prior to the session, the instructor will send you practical details.

In the event that you have to cancel, please inform us as soon as possible by e-mail at the following address: formations-lodel@openedition.org