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OpenEdition Books brings together a consortium of international publishers in an initiative to digitally disseminate research publications in the humanities and social sciences. If you are a publisher and wish to take part in this project, please contact us at The OpenEdition team is on hand to provide information on the application procedure to join the platform. It is possible to arrange a time to discuss our services and conditions in more detail.

Application procedure

If you are interested, please download the application package below. On the application form, you will be asked to give an overview of the publisher, the book series you are submitting, and your digital publishing plans. We encourage publishers to present a complete book series. The application is assessed when at least four titles have been published in the series. If the series is in the process of being created, please outline the publishing schedule.
Publishers can also request to join the OpenEdition digitization support programme. This offers publishers the opportunity to have their entire backlist converted free of charge to XML formats, which can then be exploited for digital publication. Participation in this programme is subject to the fulfillment of academic and technical criteria.

Applicants should also accept the General Terms and Conditions of Use of OpenEdition Electronic Platforms.

Assessment of applications

Applications will be assessed by the OpenEdition Academic committee. The committee will assess the relevance of the publishing venture, the academic credentials and editorial quality of the book series, and whether or not it falls within the disciplinary scope of the humanities and social sciences.
The decision to accept or refuse applications is taken by the OpenEdition Academic committee. It may call upon an external academic expert for certain book series. A final decision will be taken only once a complete application has been received.

Application stages:

  1. Receipt and consideration of the application,
  2. Assessment of the application by the OpenEdition Academic committee on a series-by-series basis – Possible recourse to an external expert, who will submit an expert report to the committee,
  3. For each book series, a detailed final decision is issued to the publisher by the Academic committee,
  4. Technical assessment of the feasibility of digitizing and encoding the books that have been put forward for the digitization support programme,
  5. Final decision announced to the publisher.

Application assessment deadlines

Application evaluations take at least three months. The time varies according to the complexity of applications.


There is a single e-mail address for sending applications, and for all questions relating to the application process and procedures:

Downloadable documents

Dossier de candidature (Français) (application/zip – 138k)

Application package (English) (application/zip – 142k)