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A muse of fire - Shakespeare and acting in the eighteenth century

Adaptation aux changements climatiques / RADAR - Veille scientifique

After the Cold War - Judging the Past in Chile, France, Indonesia and Spain

AgriUrbain - La veille scientifique sur la recherche et les projets en agriculture urbaine

Allophonia - Work in cultural translation

Americae - The European Journal of Americanist Archaeology

Analecta CornuAfricae - Hypothèses et analectes pour comprendre la Corne de l'Afrique | Analectic blog of the Horn of Africa

ANR EquiRisk - Equity in Risky Intertemporal Economic Environments

ANR EsCA - Espaces de la culture chinoise en Afrique

Anthropological materialism - From Walter Benjamin, and beyond

Ao-Seine - Le blog recherche de Bertrand Lefebvre

Architectural drawings - Images and Representations of Architecture in the Early Modern Period

Art Histories Society - The Art Histories Society blog

Arts de la Corée - Une histoire des arts visuels et matériels

Atlantic crossings - Materiality, contemporary movements and policies of belonging

Atoms for Europe - Atomic Energy, the Threat of Nuclear Warfare, and the History of the European Integration

Bek(onal)-engov - Constructions et échanges de savoirs sur les ressources naturelles

Biblindex: Research notebook and blog - Index of Biblical Quotations and Allusions in Early Christian Literature

Bilbo - Annotation automatique des références bibliographiques

Blog Virtual Shanghai

Bondage and environment - Servitude and human trafficking in the Afro-Eurasian spaces

Books are Falling Apart - Memory, texts and storytelling. The dissemination of reading

Carnets du Centre Corée - Service de documentation du CRC-EHESS

Caste, Land and Custom - Rescuing Endangered Documents of Tamil Agrarian History (1650-1950)

Centres and centralities - An interdisciplinary database about genesis, development, decline and sometimes end of centres and their centralities

Charlemagne - Carnet du colloque : « Les temps, les espaces, les hommes. Construction et déconstruction d'un règne »

Colonial mimesis in the Portuguese empire - Research project ICS-UL

Court Medicine - Healthcare Personnel and Sanitary Politics in Europe, 15c-18c

Criminocorpus Radar - L’Echo du web sur l’histoire de la justice

Culture américaine - L’histoire culturelle des États-Unis / A blog on US cultural history

Devam edecek... - La production de séries TV en Turquie

Digital and Public History - @sergenoiret

Digital Humanities Blog - Un blog sur les Humanités Digitales

Digital Intellectuals

DiverCities - Contested space and urban identities in Beirut, Cairo and Tehran

Diversitas Religionum - A research blog on medieval religious polemics and religious plurality

Diversity Linguistics Comment - Language structures throughout the world

Diwan - Association des Doctorants en Histoire des mondes musulmans médiévaux

Édition scientifique numérique - Veille collective sur l'édition électronique

ENBaCH - European Network for Baroque Cultural Heritage

Engind - Engineers and society in colonial and post-colonial India

EPoPs - Réseau de Psychologie Politique Sociétale

ESEMP’s notebooks - News from the European Society for Early Modern Philosophy

Expertise & sciences humaines

Extremism - On politics, exclusion and rhetoric

Filología digital - Existimos y después somos redes

Filosofia & Storia - Repertorio di fonti e risorse ad accesso libero a cura della Biblioteca di Filosofia e storia dell’Università di Pisa

For there she was... - As woman my country is the whole world

Foxglove - A British Perspective on the Digital Humanities in France

Freakonometrics - De l’économétrie appliquée

From Artefact to Meaning - Understanding the process of interpreting textual cultural and historical artefacts, and developing digital tools to support the act of interpretation

Genre et Europe - Carnet de l'axe « Genre » du LabEx « Écrire une histoire nouvelle de l'Europe »

Genre et Guerre - Recherche et actualités scientifiques autour du Genre et de la Guerre


Heraldica Nova - Medieval heraldry in cultural-historical perspective

Himalco - Himalayan Corpora - Himalco - Parallel corpora in languages of the Greater Himalayas

History of European Stock Exchanges

History of heralds - Workshop and collaborative book project about the history of heralds in Europe (12th-18th c.) - Digital Cultures of History on the Web

Humanitarianism & Human Rights - Research on the entangled history of humanitarianism and human rights

IACHE - International Association of Contempory History of Europe

IFPH-FIHP - International Federation for Public History / Fédération Internationale pour l’Histoire Publique

IRNWC - International Research Network for War Commemoration - Réseau International de Recherche sur la Commémoration des Guerres

Language Learning in Synthetic Worlds

Lapidarias litteras scio - A Hypotheses blog about Latin Epigraphy

Learning@the Nexus of Practice - Blog of the 11th ICLS pre-conference workshop - Mediated Action and Mediated Discourse Analysis: Studying, Learning and Becoming at the Nexus of Practice

Les techniques au Centre Koyré - Actualité scientifique du groupe histoire et sciences sociales des techniques du Centre Alexandre Koyré


Mandinga for export - The globalization of capoeira

Medieval Animal Data-Network - Multidisciplinary research on medieval animals

Mish ma32ool - The OIBlog from Cairo and Beirut

Music migrations - Music migrations in the early modern age: the meeting of the European East, West and South (MusMig)

Muslim Women and Property - South Asia and Diasporas

Newspaper history - The birth of newspaper in 17th century

NLP for Historical Texts - Historical texts, computational linguistics and the digital humanities

Open Electronic Publishing - The OpenEdition blog

Officina della storia - Rivista on line di storia del tempo presente

OpenEdition Lab - OpenEdition Lab est l'équipe de recherche & développement d'OpenEdition

Photos for history

Post-Soviet Armies Newsletter

Proche-Orient et crise syrienne - Paradigmes en débat - Carnet du programme de recherche : le Proche-Orient et la crise syrienne

Projet Baguala - Usages des Bases de données Géoenvironnementales d'Utilisation et d'Accès Libre en Amérique du sud et France

Recherches récentes sur la guerre froide - L'actualité de la recherche française et internationale

REFEMA - Programme de recherche franco-japonais en histoire consacré au Rôle économique des femmes en Mésopotamie ancienne (REFEMA, programme CHORUS, soutenu par l'ANR)

Regionalism and cosmopolitism - South India

Researching Sudan - CEDEJ-Khartoum – A perspective on contemporary Sudans

Ruedha - Sección ibérica de la Sociedad Europea de Historia Ambiental / Seção ibérica da Sociedade Européia de História Ambiental

SAW ERC Project - Mathematical Sciences in the Ancient World

Sindhi Studies Group - Society, Culture and Territory

Sinotype - The Hybrid Syntactic Typology of Sinitic Languages

Sri Lanka & diasporas - Observatoire pluridisciplinaire

SUBURBIN - ANR - Subaltern Urbanisation in India

The Black Death Network - Interdiscplinary approaches to the 14th century crises in Europe

The Dragonfly's Gaze - Computational approaches to literary text analysis

The French Revolution Network - Revolutionary transitions from the eighteenth century to the present

The Himalayas and beyond - The Centre for Himalayan Studies blog

The Making of Indian Engineers - From the Colonial Period through the Present

The Media Fantasy Blog - Technology, Imaginary, New Media

The Recipes Project - Food, Magic, Science, and Medicine

The Semipermeable Membrane - History and Philosophy of the neurosciences within their social contexts

TOFLIT18 - Transformations of the french economy through the lens of international trade, 1716-1821

Tourism and National Identity - The Case of Austria

Trafo - Beiträge zur transregionalen Forschung

Translating Cultures - Theme Leadership Fellow's Blog

Understanding Violence in Russia - Comprendre les violences en Russie / О насилии в России

UrbaChina - Sustainable urbanisation in China

Urbanité / Viablilité - Radar - Veille sur la recherche et l’actualité scientifique

Veille énergie climat - Carnet de veille sur l’économie de l’énergie et du changement climatique

WatchDog - Translation, history, ideas

We think History - Collaborative Digital History

Workshop: Armed Conflict and the Everyday - A transdisciplinary workshop at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, Erfurt University