Observatoire de la société britannique

Revue bilingue qui traite de thèmes politiques, économiques, et sociaux dans le Royaume-Uni contemporain

A bilingual journal focused on political, economical and social issues in the contemporary United Kingdom

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Observatoire de la société britannique

L’Observatoire de la société britannique est une revue bilingue qui traite de thèmes politiques, économiques, et sociaux dans le Royaume-Uni contemporain. La revue souhaite apporter sa contribution à trois niveaux en rendant compte de la richesse des questionnements et des problématiques portant sur l’aire britannique dans le période récente, en espérant contribuer à dynamiser le débat méthodologique en civilisation britannique et enfin, en développant l’approche comparée. La revue publie deux numéros thématiques par an, dont les actes des colloques sur l’actualité politique britannique, organisés par le réseau de chercheurs l’«Observatoire de la société britannique ».

The journal Observatoire de la société britannique is a peer-reviewed journal of British area studies. It publishes scientific articles in English and in French which cover political, economic and social matters in contemporary Britain. The journal has a unique position in the current scientific landscape: it offers academics the opportunity to discuss the methodology used in the field of social sciences, and, with an insistence on international comparisons, enriches British civilisation studies in French academia. The journal is published biannually. It also issues the proceedings of the international symposiums organised by the "Observatoire de la société britannique" network.

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Observatoire de la société britannique
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19 | 2017 – Les services publics au Royaume-Uni et en France face aux politiques d'austérité

Couverture OSB 19

After the 2007-2008 financial crisis, most developed countries first massively supported their banking systems before putting in place various policies for economic reflation. While avoiding the worst, these interventions often led to a sharp increase in fiscal deficits. In 2010, these Keynesian-inspired policies gave way to various measures of fiscal consolidation, particularly in European countries. These have had a greater or lesser impact on public services.

The aim of this volume is first to examine the differences and similarities of public service systems in two major European countries, the United Kingdom and France, and to study the policies of fiscal consolidation they have put in place since 2010. Can the concept of "austerity" actually embrace seemingly different public policies, some of which have reinforced neo-liberalism and new public management, while others are more in keeping with more traditional policies of controlling public spending ? It is then necessary to analyse the effects of these "austerity" policies on public services and users in the two countries, both in terms of services, organization and delegation of public service functions to the private sector.